2024 Ski ALS
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What is the Ski to Defeat ALS?

Tell a little about the event and it’s purpose.


Why am I skiing or boarding?  

Give a reason why it’s important for participation.


Why join/support me or my team? 

Give some examples of how their support makes a difference.


Ex. We hope we can count on your support. We need caring people like you to sponsor our team’s participation in the walk.


Ex. Also, please bookmark this page if you’re interested in keeping track of our progress as we approach the April 8, 2020 fundraising deadline. We encourage you to browse the rest of this website so you can learn more about Ski to Defeat ALS.


Ex. Contributions from our sponsors will:

-- Fund a treatment and a cure for ALS.  

-- Help support local families who needs hands-on support during their journey with ALS.

-- Raise awareness for a disease that occurs every 90 minutes in the US.

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Team Captain:
Kyle Haston
19 members
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Andre Perra 2024 Ski ALS


Kent Holce 2024 Ski ALS


Suzanne Perra 2024 Ski ALS


Lauren McIntyre 2024 Ski ALS


Kyle Haston 2024 Ski ALS


Nick McBee 2024 Ski ALS


Jasmin Collins 2024 Ski ALS


Alicia Riley 2024 Ski ALS


Amy Cook 2024 Ski ALS


Chris Perra 2024 Ski ALS


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