Fred Noble Challenge

An avid skier, traveler, sail boarder and adventure enthusiast, Fred Noble often said he had “faced dozens of life and death moments through his life and he always thought he would die in some risky adventure.” When he was diagnosed with ALS, a terminal diagnosis with a prognosis of 2-4 years, Fred reframed his prediction and shared that “he now had the privilege of going on a farewell tour of undetermined length.” He continued to embrace life as an adventure.

Fred chose to turn his last years into a mission to make a difference for the cause of ALS. To accomplish this, Fred worked tirelessly to promote the Ski ALS and to help other people facing the disease.

ALS Northwest is passionate about providing critical care services to people living with ALS as well as in funding top-notch research efforts to bring an end to the disease. The Fred Noble Challenge is our way of honoring his memory, his fun-loving spirit, and continuing to work toward ending ALS.

Everyone who enters The Fred Noble Challenge will test their skiing ability on fun and challenging ski runs throughout the day. Complete 4 challenge runs based on your ability and track your fastest time down the racecourse.

Fred Noble Challenge

How it Works

The Fred Noble Challenge consists of two elements - the racecourse and passport.

Race Course

There will be a family-friendly racecourse off Stadium Express. This year, the racecourse will be timed. It is a FUN element of our event! Did you watch the 2022 Winter Olympics? Test your skills and pretend to be an Olympian yourself!


When you check in you will receive a passport that will tell you 4 different runs you need to find, based on your ability level. As you ski or snowboard down each of your four runs, be on the lookout for a hole punch on the guide sign. Punch your passport and take off on your next run. All participants will do 4 challenge runs based on their ability and complete the other activities in their passport to be qualified for raffle tickets to win some prizes. You can get your raffle tickets at the bag check table before our awards ceremony at 3:30pm.


A completed passport consists of 4 completed challenge runs, and all other activities completed. Each participant who completes their passport will receive 5 raffle tickets to be pulled for prizes.

You must be present at the awards ceremony to win the raffle prize.

Fred Noble Challenge FAQs

Where do I pick up my passport and bib?

How do I find my challenge runs?

I have never raced before; do you think I can handle the course?

What if I do not complete my challenge runs?

How do I determine my ability level?

"Make the world a better place for others, and you make the world a better place for yourself."

- Fred Noble, 1937-2014

Have fun! Remember, you are raising money for a good cause!

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